Loading equipment

For the successful transport management of the loading equipment a professional handling is absolutely necessary. Fleet-Eye binds to the module loading equipment the management and coordination of your holdings in the central process management and ensures greater transparency on all loading cash equivalents and enables the efficient and proactive use. By exchanging unpaired loading equipments in the loading and unloading, as well as the return of loading equipments without the assumption of a charge, very quickly become large differences. The corresponding account balances are available anytime, pallet stocks in stock and existing sources of losses are immediately apparent. Loading equipments bookings are provided directly from the data of the broadcast recording


  • Automatic booking of loading equipment movements
  • Detecting exchange of loading equipments
  • Manual book of loading equipment movements
  • Account information to customers, employees, trucks, semitrailers
  • Loading equipment value check
  • Movement lists
  • Account balances