Tank & toll data

To analyze the cost of fuel and control has become an essential factor. The module tank & toll data is used to analyze and control the tank data and the toll accounts from different operators in combination with telematics and tachometer data.

2016-07-01 11_23_19-FLEET-EYE - Report Maut

  • Data import
  • Reports – toll single assessment
  • Reports – to operators / countries / truck
  • Reports – consumption driver / truck / semitrailer

The data are imported with a separate module. That is running automatically on the server  or can be performed manually by the respective user system if required. The imported data can then be listed and checked in detail.

Individual performance records of the different toll operators (toll collect, euro pass, …) are shown in monthly and daily totals and detailed information. 2016-07-01 11_09_03-FLEET-EYE - Tankmodul

The listing of the consumption per driver and department in a defined period, the graphical representation of the average monthly consumption and resulting from a scoring for a premium system is possible.

Each report has a definied export facility to Excel or ASCII so that this data also can be made available to other modules.